This is P5

At P5, we offer the ideal setting and location for successful meetings.

The entire P5 concept – from architecture, technology, the food and our hospitality is composed based on long-term experience as well as scientific research. Our aim is to create the best possible conditions for people to meet. That goes from entering the premises until the last point on the agenda has been ticked off.

Sustainable meetings

Sustainability is important to us. In addition to helping you book and organise your next event, meeting or conference in an efficient, cost-effective and sustainable way, we also work actively with our own business and how it influences those around us. To discover more about the work, check this out.

Our conference rooms

A purpose-built venue at the heart of Umeå offering energising daylight and great views over the river and city. Eight bookable conference rooms, one large event space and a rooftop terrace can be combined depending on purpose and number of participants.

Read more about the bookable rooms.

Well-suited menu

At P5, we offer food, beverages and snacks specially chosen to optimise the energy levels needed for an entire day’s work. We only use high-quality ingredients and prefer local products and organic food, giving tasty and nutritious meals that make you feel good all day long.

Technology in place

In order to make your meeting efficient and uncomplicated, we offer the latest technology. All meeting rooms are equipped with a 70 or 84 inch touch screen (Smartboard) to which a total of five devices (Mac, iPhone and PC) can be connected at the same time. If necessary, the screen can be used as a whiteboard where screenshots can be taken and saved. Even the walls can be used as whiteboards. We offer 200 Mbit broadband and all rooms can be connected to one another via video-conferencing.

Optimum location for your meetings

The positioning of P5 within Väven at the heart of Umeå gives you nearly everything under one roof. Two hotels, cafés, movie theatres, bakery, city library, theatre, restaurant, bar, deli, art exhibitions and much more. In other words, optimum conditions for providing inspiring experiences in and outside of the meeting room.

To read more about our options for accommodation, please have a look at U&Me or Stora Hotellet. At you can read more about what the cultural centre Väven has to offer.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us – we will happily suggest a suitable package deal of experiences and accommodation, all at favourable prices.